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Man in the middle: Ken Wyatt on being caught between the Uluru statement and his party - the Guardian 2nd February 2020
First Peoples' triumph or two-edged sword? - the Age 14th February 2020
Czech village razed by Hitler at heart of row on truth and history - the Guardian 15th March 2020
The world rediscovers Cuban medical internationalism - Le Monde 1st April 2020
Rio Tinto blames 'misunderstanding' for destruction of 46,000-year-old Aboriginal site - the GuardianX 5th June 2020
Black Lives Matter protests make mockery of COVID-19 lockdowns EDITORIAL - the Australian 8th June 2020
Thin blue dividing line - the Australian 9th June 2020
Reconciliation Australia ends partnership with Rio Tinto over destroyed heritage site - the Guardian 9th June 2020
Black Lives Matter masks the truth behind Aboriginal deaths - the Herald Sun 9th June 2020
Australia's Pacific minister called Black Lives Matter protests 'self-indulgent'. He couldn't be more wrong - the Guardian 9th JUne 2020
Reconciliation Australia ends partnership with Rio Tinto over destroyed heritage site - the Guardian 9th June 2020
It's a big story: there are two ways of looking at it - the Australian 10th June 2020
Western Australia's 'archaic' heritage laws are in the spotlight as global outrage grows over the destruction of Aboriginal sites - the Guardian 13th June 2020
"I found racism runs through the AFL - it has failed to uphold the rights and safety of Black players" - the Guardian 25th June 2020
What is owed? - the New York Times 25th June 2020
Chief Beaten by Police Is Longtime Fighter for Indigenous Rights - the New York Times 28th June 2020
America's Enduring Caste System - the New York Times 1st July 2020
The Neoliberal Looting of America - the New York Times 2nd July 2020
Kakadu traditional owners demand bureaucrat resign - the Australian 3rd July 2020
I'm a Direct Descendant of Thomas Jefferson. Take Down His Memorial. - the New York Times 6th July 2020
Yeah, Let's Not Talk About Race Unless you pay me. - the New York Times 10th July 2020
Don't Fall For The 'Cancel Culture' Scam - the Huff Post 11th July 2020
John Ah Kit: leader and tireless advocate for Aboriginal rights dies aged 69 - the Guardian 13th July 2020
Former Smithsonian Staff Speak Out Against 'Culture Of Racism' At African Art Museum - the Huff Post 15th July 2020
Bristol Removes Statue of Black Protester After Just One Day - the New York Times 16th July 2020
Indigenous children 17 times more likely to go to jail than non-Indigenous youth - the Guardian 16th July 2020
Attempt to topple Christopher Columbus statue in Chicago's Grant Park prompts standoff with police, arrests and rebuke of mayor - the Chicago Tribune 18th July 2020
'Disgusting' prices and mouldy fruit: the shocking allegations about Indigenous Australians' food supply - the Guiardian 18th JUly 2020
' 'Sorry won't do. I'm so angry, I'm so hurt and I'm so let down' - the Age 20th JUly 2020
Closing the Gap prison reduction targets show 'disappointing lack of ambition', lawyers say - the Guardian 30th July 2020
Hundreds have died in US prisons from Covid-19. Will Australia act before it's too late? - the Guardian 30th July 2020
From Bloody Sunday to Black Lives Matter, the role of the Black church is shifting - Politico 30th July 2020
All Australians must seize chance for fresh start with First Nations community - the Age 31st July 2020
Targeted Kakadu bureaucrats step aside - the Australian 31st July 2020
Former Rio Tinto employees condemn destruction of 46,000-year-old sacred site at Juukan Gorge - the Guardian 1st August 2020
Riding trains with Thelma Plum by Tony Birch - the Saturday Paper 1st August 2020
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