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WA man becomes fifth Indigenous person to die in custody since start of March - the Guardian 4th April 2021
In 'Exterminate All the Brutes,' Raoul Peck Takes Aim at White Supremacy - the New York Times 5th April 2021
Crown among big companies given government funding to employ Aboriginal people - the Guardian 5th April 2021
In Rare Testimony, Chief Says Chauvin 'Should Have Stopped' Pinning Floyd - the New York Times 5th April 2021
Neighbours racism claim: Indigenous actor Shareena Clanton says set was 'unsafe' - the Age 6th April 2021
Chris Lilley makes comeback with new comedy project after race controversy - the Age 7th April 2021
Neighbours actor allegedly removed from set after complaints of racism by Indigenous actor Shareena Clanton - the Guardian 7th April 2021
Sport and politics must mix: sportspeople know it - the Age 7th April 2021
Mining exploration surges in Cape York as scheme to return land to traditional owners stalls - the Guardian 8th April 2021
Kimberley cave reveals ancient bone tools - the Australian 8th April 2021
Black mark of Indigenous deaths in custody hasn't faded - the Australian 10th April 2021
The US media is touting Israel's Covid recovery. But occupied Palestinians left out - the Guardian 10th April 2021
Indigenous academic apologises for calling African crime study 'racist' - the Age 13th April 2021
Anti-Chinese racism hinders efforts to counter foreign interference: Paterson - the Age 14th April 2021
Lachlan Murdoch backs Tucker Carlson in 'white replacement' furore - the Guardian 14th April 2021
Officer, police chief resign two days after black motorist's fatal shooting - the Age 14th April 2021
Neighbours: more actors come forward with allegations of racist slurs and discrimination on set - the Guardian 14th April 2021
Hank Azaria apologises 'to every Indian person' for voicing Apu in The Simpsons - the Guardian 14th April 2021
Indigenous deaths in custody received a fraction of media coverage of the death elderly prince - the Guardian 14th April 2021
Three decades on, officials still under fire over Aboriginal deaths in custody - the Age 15th April 2021
Jailing is still failing 30 years later: why this former Aboriginal affairs minister is furious - the Age 15th April 2021
Derek Chauvin Verdict Brings a Rare Rebuke of Police Misconduct - the New York Times 20th April 2021
Chauvin Verdict Brings the Police Relief and Some Resentment - the New York Times 21st April 2021
NRL star Latrell Mitchell praised for reporting online racist abuse as two NSW men charged - the Guardian 23rd April 2021
7 Deputies Placed on Leave After Fatal Shooting of Black Man in North Carolina - the New York Times 23rd April 2021
Deputy Shoots Unarmed Man Repeatedly During 911 Call, Officials Say - the New York Times 24th April 2021
Land council sacks chief who tried to find out how $60 million mining payments were spent - the Age 25th April 2021
US policing is far less about fighting crime than controlling the poor - the Guardian 25th April 2021
Split-Second Decisions: How a Supreme Court Case Shaped Modern Policing - the New York Times 25th April 2021
'An indescribable moment': Indigenous nation in US has right to lands in Canada - the Guardian 25th April 2021
'Deep systemic racism': will Minneapolis's police department ever change? - the Guardian 25th April 2021
'Grave abuses': Human Rights Watch accuses Israel of apartheid - the Age 27th April 2021
Andrew Brown shooting: anger as family shown only 'snippet' of police footage - the Guardian 27th April 2021
Black deaths in custody a 'national crisis', says Lidia Thorpe as two more deaths confirmed - the Guardian 27th April 2021
Rights Group Hits Israel With Explosive Charge: Apartheid - the New York Times 27th April 2021
No extra training following death of Indigenous man hogtied at Adelaide prison, coroner hears - the Guardian 7th April 2021
Minister 'concerned' as rebel land council directors dismayed by chief's sacking - the Age 28th April 2021
Aboriginal families condemn Scott Morrison for 'ignoring' deaths in custody crisis - the Guardian 28th April 2021
Students to be taught about 'invasion' experience of First Nations Australians - the Age 30th April 2021
David Gulpilil and me: Margaret Pomeranz, Tony Briggs and more reflect on a pioneer - the Age 30th April 2021
Psychiatry Confronts Its Racist Past, and Tries to Make Amends - the New York Times 30th April 2021
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