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Eddie McGuire says 'we're not a racist club' after report finds 'structural racism' at Collingwood - the Guardian 1st February 2021
No more excuses: Collingwood's 'structural racism' is fans' greatest shame - the Guardian 1st February 2021
North Carolina Discontinues License Plates With Confederate Flag - the New York Times 1st February 2021
Eddie still doesn't get it: Pies can't rebuild from a position of denial - the Age 2nd February 2021
'Shameful': Héritier Lumumba condemns Eddie McGuire's response to racism report - the Guardian 2nd February 2021
'I got it wrong': McGuire says he regrets comments on racism report - the Age 2nd February 2021
Damning report into racism at Collingwood presents line-in-sand moment for AFL - the Guardian 2nd February 2021
Jodie Sizer says it's time to focus on a real conversation about racism - the Age 2nd February 2021
He Wants to Save Classics From Whiteness. Can the Field Survive? - the New York Times 2nd February 2021
'Masquerading in plain sight': Why there's no quick fix to Australian sport's racism fight - the Age 6th February 2021
The Forgotten History of Black Prohibitionism - Politico 6th February 2021
Eddie McGuire must go so Collingwood Football Club can begin to repair its toxic racist past - the Guardian 6th February 2021
A Century Ago, White Protestant Extremism Marched on Washington - the New York Times 7th February 2021
Collingwood's past has finally caught up with its present - and its president - the Guardian 8th February 2021
Gideon Haigh Blames Journalists' 'Whiteness' For Discrediting Lumumba's Racism Allegations - the Huff Post 8th February 2021
Open Letter Calls For Eddie McGuire To Resign, Demands Action From Collingwood Sponsors - the Huff Post 8th February 2021
Eddie McGuire failed to identify his use-by date and, when forced out, portrayed himself as the victim - the Guardian 9th February 2021
Indigenous leaders welcome Eddie McGuire's resignation as president of Collingwood AFL club - the Guardian 9th February 2021
What does Eddie's departure mean for Nathan Buckley? - the Age 10th February 2021
It's finally over: how Eddie McGuire went from bright star to unpresidential shambles - the Guardian 10th February 2021
Prominent Collingwood members call for serious reform of the board after racism revelations - the Guardian 10th February 2021
Is This the Most Radical Film Ever Produced by Hollywood? - the New York Times 16th February 2021
Collingwood appoint experts to implement changes from Do Better report - the Age 17th February 2021
Heart of darkness: after 86 years, truth finally sees the light - the Weekend Australian February 2021
Report authors urge Collingwood to welcome the truth on racism at club - the Age 19th February 2021
Former Collingwood player Leon Davis: 'We don't want our kids to have to go through the bullshit' - the Guardian 20th February 2021
Eddie McGuire overshadows the work Collingwood needs to do, say AFL Indigenous leaders - the Guardian 21st February 2021
Cherokee Nation Addresses Bias Against Descendants of Enslaved People - the New York Times 24th February 2021
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