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2020: The Year Black Voters Said, 'Hold Up' - Politico (UA) 1st January 2021
Cancel culture' is not the preserve of the left. Just ask our historians - the Guardian 3rd January 2021
'White privilege on display': police hypocrisy condemned after pro-Trump insurgence - Guradian 7th January 2021
The racial contradictions of Trump's 'law and order' mantra - the New York Times 7th January 2021
Trainer Barred in New York and Other States for Giving Horse a Racist Name - the New York Times 8th January 2021
Opinion: I Desegregated the University of Georgia. History Is Still in the Making. - the New York Times 9th January 2021
A return to civility will not begin to quell the threat of fascism in the US - the Guardian 9th January 2021
Voices call for direct say in our own lives by Marcia Langton and Tom Calma - the Weeken Australian 9th January 2021
'Absolute urgency': Kohli urges action on racial abuse allegations - the Age 10th January 2021
EDITORIAL: Plan for Indigenous Voice not bold enough to achieve reconciliation - the Age 10th January 2021
'They ruled our lives': What impact has slavery had in Australia? - the Guardian 10th January 2021
The Art of the Lie? The Bigger the Better - the New YorkTimes 10 January 2021
Opinion: On Invasion Day, our calls for justice will not be silenced by Meriki Onus - the AGE 24th` January 2021
Faith Bandler: Gentle activist who worked her charm - the Weekend Australian 25th January 2021
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