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SBS board member Warren Mundine apologises for expletive tweet - the Sydney Morning Herald 1st September 2021
Ex-prosecutor indicted for allegedly shielding men in Ahmaud Arbery case - the Guardian 3rd September 2021
Virginia to Remove Robert E. Lee Statue From State Capital - the New York Times 8th September 2021
Lest we forget a leader who fought for his people and Country - the Age 10th September 2021
'Howard on steroids': History wars reignite over contested Anzac legend - the Age 11th September 2021
Declassified documents show Australia assisted CIA in coup against Chile's Salvador Allende - the Guardian 11th September 2021
Europe's reputation as a cosmopolitan haven has been exposed as a mirage - the Guardian 12th September 2021
Louis Armstrong and the spy: how the CIA used him as a 'trojan horse' in Congo - the Guardian 12th September 2021
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