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"Aborigines Preferred" - Age 31st January 1970
"Queen will face 1000 in native rally" - Sun 10th February 1970
"Aborigines declare Boycott and Day of Mourning" - Tribune 11th February 1970
"Protest for Royal Visit" - Sun 12th February 1970
"Cooks Landing Banned" - Age 12th February 1970
"Govt wrong on little desert" - Swan Hill Guardian 16th February 1970
"Libs put up Aboriginal for Senate" - Sunraysia Daily 3rd March 1970
"Walgett Pub Bans Natives Again" - Herald 16th March 1970
"Black Power Moves" - Age 26th March 1970
"Aborigines plead for bi-centenary gesture" - Australian 28th March 1970
"Row over move to bar whites" - Age 28th March 1970
"Storm over Aboriginals-only voting" - Sun 28th March 1970
"Seats for Aborigines urged" - Age 30th March 1970
"Native group splits" - Age 30th March 1970
"Aboriginal body splits over move to bar whites" - Australian 30th March 1970
"Aboriginal Control - Editorial" - Australian 31st March 1970
"Natives boycott 'window dressing" - the Australian 1st April 1970
"Black Power - A Call for Dignity" - Newsday 1st April 1970
"Boycott of Cook House" - Age 1st April 1970
"Confusion over Aboriginals" - Australian 6th April 1970
"Aborigines will hit back at Govt on Cook Day" - Tribune 8th April 1970
"World Unity of Blacks Sought at Parley" - the New York Times 9th April 1970
"Land without money no use to Aborigines" - the Warranbool Standard 11th April 1970
"Busloads for the Aboriginal Action" - Tribune 22nd April 1970
"Princess Ignores Protests" - Ballarat Courier 25th April 1970
"Row over Truganinni" - Sunday Observer 26th April 1970
"Aboriginals in Mourning" - Australian 30th April 1970
"Its Not All Glory" - Age Editorial 30th April 1970
"Laid to rest, 92 years late" - Age 5th May 1970
"Great-gran 'should rest in peace" - Age 7th May 1970
"'We face race hatred here' - Coombes" - Herald 13th May 1970
"Natives lose a friend" - Age 15th May 1970
"Aborigines forecast of accomplishments" - Geelong Advertiser 23rd May 1970
"Keep Truganini's bones say boffins" - Age 29th May 1970
"Raw Deal for Aboriginal Actors - Black Power Uprising" - TV Week 20th June 1970
"July 16 Demo for Gurindji" - Tribune 15th July 1970
"Site for new college" - Northcote Leader 15th July 1970
"May return MBE, says native leader" - Age 27th July 1970
"Says We Should Be Barred" - Geelong Advertiser 27th July 1970
"Aborigines will meet" - Northcote Leader 29th July 1970
"Aborigines to attend Black Power talks" - age 1st August 1970
"Direct Action urged on Land" - Sunday Observer 2nd August 1970
"Facts to stir a Lordly Conscience" - Tribune 2nd August 1970
"Black and White Join In Demonstration for Gurindji Land" - Tribune 5th August 1970
"Tribesman plan to run the gauntlet" - Ballarat Courier 29th August 1970
"Be Militant for Natives" - Age 31st August 1970
"Aborigines to study in the USA" - Northcote Leader 2nd September 1970
"Patsy wants to learn how to start a thought rebellion" - Australian 2nd September 1970
"Tribes meet in council" - Northcote Leader 13th September 1970
"Natives to get $13,000 'race' grantl" - Sun 13th September 1970
"Doug's Bupu mumus" - Northcote Leader 16th September 1970
"Natives form political power group" - Age 14th September 1970
"Aborigines want their own station" - Melbourne Sun 26th September 1970
"Gurindji Man coming to Horsham" - Horsham and Mallee Times 2nd October 1970
"Aborigines must make alliances" - Bendigo Advertiser 6th October 1970
"Aboriginals in 'appalling conditions'" - Australian 8th October 1970
"Mick Speaks at Horsham" - Horsham and Mallee Times 9th October 1970
"Aborigines lose in will case" - Geelong Advertiser 24th October 1970
"Lake Tyers to be given to the Aborigines" - East Gippsland Times 30th October 1970
"He wants changes" - Sunraysia Daily 7th November 1970
"Vote Labor, natives told" - Sun 17th November 1970
"Natives Labor Vote Call Rapped" - age 18th November 1970
"Fasts for Land Rights To Go On" - Australian 14th December 1970
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