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"Natives militant stand condemned" - Courier Mail 11th January 1971
"Kill Threat is Serious" - Melbourne Herald 12th January 1971
"Native Plan a Camp in Protest" - Age 25th Jamuary 1971
"Among the Lyrebirds, a sit-in" - Australian27th January 1971
"Why Miss Goolagong Should Stay at Home" - the Australian 29th January 1971
"Aborigines will own reserves" - Sun-News Pictorial 30th January 1971
"We wil camp here, says Native leader" - Free Press3rd February 1971
"Native Staff Walk Out" - Age 5th February 1971
"Land Rights Fight for Sherbrooke" - Age 5th February 1971
"Don't be Cuckoo - Bolte" - Herald 10th February 1971
"Aboriginals: more sit-ins" - Sun-News Pictorial 13th February 1971
"Land Rights Claim Named" - Free Press 17th February 1971
"Koorie Boogaja - Land Occupation in the Dandenongs" - the Tribune 17th February 1971
"Land Rights vigil goes on" - Herald 2nd March 1971
"The Onus was on Lin" - Free Press 3rd March 1971
"Mud Pies at Camp" - Free Press 10th March 1971
"Koori leader and minister in tv talk" - Free Press 10 March 1971
"Kooris told to get out - but Onus says 'we're staying'" - Free Press 5th April 1971
"Neville Bonner is Condemned" - Townsville Bulletin 12th April 1971
"Natives Plan Camps" - Age 13th April 1971
"Aborigine Leader Accepts a House" - Age 15th April 1971
"Sherbrooke sit-in to end" - Herald 15th April 1971
"Native Squatters Decide to Stay" - Age 16th April 1971
"Sherbrooke squatters, 'We'll fight eviction'" - Age 17th April 1971
"Fire bombs hit the round-house" - Age19th April 1971
"Cocktails ended protest" - Adelaide Advertiser 19th April 1971
"Wattie Creek Elders go walkabout" - Age 12th May 1971
"2 Tribesmen with a big worry" - Sun-News Pictorial 12th May 1971
"David Anderson straight down the middle" - Age 26th May 1971
"Tyers: its a trick says MLA" - Herald 28th June 1971
"Aboriginals to run reserve as a resort" - Sun 30th June 1971
"Native Reserve 'not forever'" - Age 12th July 1971
"Tyers gets a new burial ground" - Sun-News Pictorial 14th July 1971
"Lake Tyers Plan 'unfair'" - Sun-News Pictorial 15th July 1971
"60 protest over Lake Tyers ruling" - Herald 19th July 1971
"ALP hits Lake Tyers agreement" - Sun-News Pictorial 22nd July 1971
"Aboriginals get title" - Herald 24th July 1971
"Aboriginals get their land" - Sun-News Pictorial 26th July 1971
"Aborigines Abhor Apartheid" - the Tribune 28th July 1971
"Peter Hain on Aborigines" - Tribune 4th August 1971
"Not all the protests were violent" - the Australian 9th August 1971
"One Aboriginal baby in five dies" - Age 21st August 1971
"Native hits at race bias" - Sun-News Pictorial 25th August 1971
"ACTU backs land right" - Age 4th September 1971
"Pastor Nichols Steps Down" - Herald 21st September 1971
"Lupgna Giari and Dexter Daniels Arrive in Sydney" - the Tribune22nd September 1971
"Bobbi Fights For Her People" - the Sun 30th October 1971
"Watersiders' Gurindgi Move Hailed" - the Tribune 24th November1971
"Black Power Saluted" - Australian 25th November 1971
"Black Rebels Turn on the Heat" - Sun 27th November 1971
"Violence and arrests when marchers storm building" - Warr. Standard 4th December 1971
"Militant QLD Black March" - Tribune 1st December 1971
"Aboriginal Militants Show The Way" - Tribune 1st December 1971
"Racism March Ends in Violence" - Sun 4th December 1971
"Violence flares in 'March on Racism'" - Ballarat Courier 4th December 1971
"Whites Egging on Black Militants" - the Sun 6th December 1971
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