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1972 was a tumultuous year during which the Aboriginal political movement took a sharp turn to the Left as a younger generation of radical activists took control and soon had Australian politicians on the run. The emergence of the Black Power Movement as a dominant force meant that confrontation rather than more timid actions of the older generation became the favoured tactic. These methods bought instant results as a perplexed Federal government under the bumbling Prime Minister Billy McMahon found they had no effective response as the brilliant and inspired "Aboriginal Embassy" attracted widespread Australian community support as well as significant international attention, which severely embarrassed the McMahon Government.

The Government's decision to violently tear down the Embassy in July created more bad headlines and further radicalised the Aboriginal activists who displayed their determination and willingness to stand and fight the police as the Embassy was torn down a second time amid violent scenes in front of Parliament House.

Then later in the year a further major embarrassment to the Government occurred when the Government of the Peoples Republic of China invited a deputation of Aboriginal activists to visit China at a time when the Australian Government did not even have diplomatic relations with China, nor any other Western nations.

All of these events and many other major moments of the 1972 Aboriginal Uprising are recorded in this index below of mostly mainstream media coverage during that year.

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MP's in a Dilemma over Land Rights - the Australian - 2nd January 1972
Aboriginals A Problem - Editorial - the Australian - 3rd January 1972
Proposed Land Rights Day - the Tribune - 3rd January 1972
Police in Riot Over Black Power - the Australian - 7th January 1972
"Aboriginal Panthers plan their own party" - Herald 12th January 1972
"PM to turn down plea for native land rights" - Age 14th January 1972
"Panther group announces its aims" - Age 14th January 1972
"Adelaide March to Support a Better Deal for Aborigines" Standard 15th January 1972
Director Quits on Race Policies - the Sun - 18th January 1972
Get Ready For the Year of the Panthers - the age - 18th January 1972
"Aboriginals set up a militant Black Panther movement" - Australian 19th January 1972
Tribal Groups To Tour China - the Examiner - 24th January 1972
Aboriginals to get a special land fund - the Australian - 25th January 1972
Aborigines 'will be consulted first' - the Age - 25th January 1972
MP Criticises Land Policy - the Canberra Times - 25th January 1972
Aboriginals Land Rights Plea is Turned Down - the Australian - 26th January 1972
"You Must Recognise Our Claims Now!" by Kevin Gilbert - the Australian - 26th January 1972
New National Policy on Aborigines - the Canberra Times - 26th January 1972
$13m in Grants to the Aborigines -But Will It Work?- the Age - 26th January 1972
White Paper, Black Question- Editorial - the Age - 26th January 1972
A Price on Our Guilt - Editorial - the Australian - 26th January 1972
Land for Aborigines - Offer by PM - the Sydney Morning herald - 26th January 1972
Land Rights - Editorial - the Sydney Morning herald - 26th January 1972
Aboriginal land Policy Hit - "cynical exercise" - the Canberra Times - 27th January 1972
A Chance Lost Editorial - the Canberra Times - 27th January 1972
"Natives open an 'embassy' of their own" - Age - 28th January 1972
3 Aboriginals Set Up an 'Embassy' - the Sun - 28th January 1972
Aborigiines To Fly Flag - the Canberra Times - 28th January 1972
Aboriginal Women Gather for Conference - the Canberra Times - 28th January 1972
"Disturbing note in land protest" - Age - 29th January 1972
Howson Hits Black Power Sign - the Sydney Morning Herald - 29th January 1972
"Parliament guarded" - Sydney Sun-Herald 30th January 1972
"Aboriginal Women Record Dissent" Canberra Times - 31st January 1972
Aboriginal Pastor Attacks the Government - the Sydney Morning Herald - 31st January 1972
Aboriginals Warn of More Violence - the Australians - 31st January 1972
Aboriginal Embassy Now Seven - the Australian - 31st January 1972
Black Power Loses to a Stubborn Yvonne - the Age - 31st January 1972
"Red Faces over Black Embassy" - Age 1st February 1972
"A Free Meal for Children" - Australian 1st February 1972
Aboriginal Protest Gets More Support - the Canberra Times - 2nd February 1972
Aborigines to Fly Flag - the Canberra Times - 2nd February 1972
Tents to stay put - the Sydney Morning Herald - 4th February 1972
Lawn Mower Protest - the Sydney Morning Herald - 4th February 1972
"Aboriginal Embassy asks for $6000m" - Australian 7th February 1972
Aborigines Seek $6 billion - the Canberra Times - 7th February 1972
Black Power Salute to Mr Suharto - the Canberra Times - 8th February 1972
Whitlam Will Go To Tent City - the Canberra Times - 8th February 1972
A visit to the Protester's Camp - the Australian - 9th February 1972
Whitlam Pledge to Aborigines - the Sydney Morning Herald - 9th February 1972
Whitlam Pledge on Land Rights - the Australian - 9th February 1972
Hunt Attacks Lands Policy - the Canberra News - 10th February 1972
Our Native Embassy and its Land Rights - the Sydney Morning Herald - 10th February 1972
"The Grassroots Protest" Sydney Morning Herald - 12th February 1972
Aboriginal Protesters Hoist Flag - the Sydney Morning Herald - 14th February 1972
Native group invited to China - Age 14th February 1972
Tribes Gather To Greet MPs - the Canberra Times - 21st February 1972
Fishing in troubled waters News Weekly - 25th February 1972
"Power sought to move Embassy" Canberra Times - 3rd March 1972
Senator Attacks Balck Panthers - the Warrnambool Standard - 4th March 1972
An Issue Not To Be Ignored Much Longer - the Age - 5th March 1972
Panthers Evicted From HQ - the Australian - 6th March 1972
Boks Upset Yvonne over "White Badge' - the Sun - 6th March 1972
Senator Attacks 'Black Panthers' - the Australian - 14th March 1972
"Chinese Aid For Blacks" Canberra News - 17th March 1972
'Mecca' For Aborigines Sought - the Canberra Times - 21st March 1972
"Black Radical Talk of War" Adelaide Advertiser - 22nd March 1972
Militants Are Testing Explosives - Aboriginal - the Sydney Morning herald - 22nd March 1972
Militants Testing Bombs - the Sun - 22nd March 1972
Black Embassy's Plans - the Tribune - 27th March 1972
"Black Action" jewish News - 30th March 1972
The Songman of Arnhem Land Meets the "Big Two" Poets - the Herald - 11th April 1972
Tent Embassy Aids Aboriginal Protest - the Melbourne Herald - 21st April 1972
China puts off visit by natives - Age - 4th May 1972
Ningla Ana Call to the Nation - the Australian - 5th May 1972
Govt will close the Aboriginal Embassy - Age - 12th May 1972
Aborigines Are Standing Firm At 'Embassy' - the Sydney Morning Herald - 16th May 1972
Help Us Stay Natives Beg Queen - the Age - 7th June 1972
NT Police Ask For Teargas - the Melbourne Herald - 14th June 1972
We'll Be There for Ningla Ana - the Canberra News - 19th June 1972
March to Mark Aborigines Day - the Canberra Courier - 13th July 1972
"3000 march for Aborigines Day" Sydney Morning Herald - 15th July 1972
Aboriginals in Big City Protest - the Australian - 15th July 1972
"Demonstration sequel: 13 appear in court" Sydney Morning Herald - 18th July 1972
Tent Embassy Waits For Order To Move - the Age - 19th July 1972
"Aust image 'not good on Aborigines" Sydney Morning Herald - 20th July 1972
Evict Embassy Plan Attacked - the Age - 20th July 1972
Students Ready To Aid Embassy - the Canberra Times - 20th July 1972
"Aborigines Begin Protest" Sydney Morning Herald - 20th July 1972
"Black Power Guerrilla War is 'On The Way'" Melbourne Sun 20th july 1972
"Aborigines Arrested - 'Embassy Pulled Down" Sydney Sun 21st July 1972
"9 hurt as Embassy is closed" Age 21st July 1972
"Aborigines Fight to the Last Tent" Sydney Morning Herald - 21st July 1972
"Police Clash with Aborigines" Age - 21st July 1972
"The Storming of the Embassy" Sydney Morning Herald - 21st July 1972
"Eight Arrested as Police Tear Down Embassy" Australian - 21st July 1972
"Black Guerilla Protest Warning" Courier Mail - 21st July 1972
"Aftermath of Embassy Fracas" Canberra News - 21st July 1972
"Criticism Follows 'Embassy' Action" Canberra Times - 21st July 1972
"A Turning Point" - Editorial - Canberra Times - 21st July 1972
"Embassy Pulled Down" Daily Telegraph - 21st July 1972
Aborigines Arrested - the Sun - 21st July 1972
"Police Hit, Kicked and Beaten" Daily Telegraph - 21st July 1972
"Labor Attack on Embassy Removal" Financial Review - 21st July 1972
A Symbol Goes; A New Symbol - Editorial the Age - 21st July 1972
ACT Clash Was A Warning To All - Editorial- the Melbourne Herald - 21st July 1972
Black Panther group heads for Canberra - the Age - 22nd July 1972
Aborigines Moving In - the Melbourne Sun-News Pictorial - 22nd July 1972
Aborigines To Try To Re-Open Embassy - the Canberra Times - 22nd July 1972
Embassy Down But Their Flag Flying High - the Age - 22nd July 1972
"Aboriginal Embassy Falls Again" Sydney Morning Herald - 24th July 1972
"New Tent Embassy Sparks Wild Brawl" Age - 24th July 1972
"Probe Aboriginals Plight - Ralph Nader" Herald 25th July 1972
"PM strikes a blow for racial fraternity" Sydney Morning Herald 26th July 1972
Natives See Hunt About Embassy - the Age -27th July 1972
"An Embassy of their own" - Editorial - the Age 28th July 1972
"Aboriginal Embassy: PM seeks a way out" - the Age 28th July 1972
"Government Fears Riots at Aboriginal Demonstration" Age - 29th July 1972
"Two Ministers to see Aborigines" Sydney Morning Herald - 29th July 1972
A Matter of Black and White - the Bulletin - 29th July 1972
"Wedding of Aboriginal Senator" Sydney Sun-Herald - 30th July 1972
Native Embassy Pulled Down Again- the Age - 31st July 1972
Tent Embassy is Up - Then Down - the Melbourne Sun-News Pictorial - 31st July 1972
"Tent Embassy Falls - But Victory Claimed" Australian - 31st July 1972
The Rise and Fall of the Aboriginal Embassy - the Age - 31st July 1972
Black Moral Victory in Canberra - the Tribune - 1st August 1972
"Aboriginal leaders want Embassy back"Australian - 12th August 1972
"Police Free Native Rebels" Illawarra Mercury - 16th August 1972
"Pastor Brady will 'go bush in a humpy'" Brisbane Telegraph 11th September 1972
Police Pull Down New 'Embassy' - the Sydney Morning Herald - 13th September 1972
Charges Dismissed - the Sydney Morning Herald - 20th September 1972
Bindi Williams - Wants To Be a Great actor - the Sydney Morning Herald - 25th September 1972
Bob Pringle Fined - the Sydney Morning Herald - 27th September 1972
Out Australia, says Sykes - the Hobart Mercury - 14th October 1972
Aboriginal Mission Leaves for China Melbourne Sun - 23rd October 1972
China Host To Aboriginals - the Hobart Mercury - 24th October 1972
"Aboriginal Rights - Book could lead to poll issue" West Australian 23rd October 1972
Ten Aborigines Going to Peking Sydney Morning Herald - 23rd October 1972
"Men in the middle fails Aborigines" Age 24th October 1972
China Host to Aborigines Hobart Mercury - 24th October 1972
Aboriginal Film In China Canberra Times - 30th October 1972
China's Red Carpet for Aborigines Adelaide Advertiser - 30th October 1972
9 Aborigines in Peking West Australian- 31st October 1972
In Peking we're People - Aborigines Canberra News - 31st October 1972
Aborigines are feted in China - Age 31st October 1972
Aborigines Praise China Treatment Burnie Advocate - 31st October 1972
Aborigines Black Power protest In Peking - the Sydney Morning Herald - 3rd November 1972
A Passionate Film by a Calm Man - the Canberra Times - 11th November 1972
Resplendent Pastor Doug gets his Knighthood News - 15 November 1972
9 Aboriginals are VIP Guests in Mao's China Courier Mail - 16 November 1972
Remarkable 80 year old treats Aborigines Perth News - 16 November 1972
Protest Greets the China Aboriginals - the Age 16th November 1972
Black Power: Aid From China? Sydney Sun Herald - 20th November 1972
Minorities in China Equals Canberra Times - 20th November 1972
Wind from the East Age - 20th November 1972
Guests Equal in China - the Sydney Morning Herald - 20th November 1972
Aboriginal girl "free" in China - the Brisbane Telegraph - 20th November 1972
Aborigines back from Red China Age - 20th November 1972
Gerry Bostock Back From China - the Sydney Morning Herald - 20th November 1972
Aboriginals Back - the Tribune - 21st November 1972
Aborigines Vote Seen As Significant - the Sydney Morning Herald - 24th November 1972
Aborigines Get a New Voice Age - 27th November 1972
"Booklet Reports Shrinking of Reserves" Canberra Times 30th November 1972
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