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"Cotton Chippers to Strike on 'Slave Labour'" - the Australian 18th January 1973
"Power To The Cotton Chippers" - Nation Review 19th January 1973
"Labor Council Backs Striking Cotton Chippers" - the Sydney Morning Herald 23rd January 1973
"Aborigines in Cotton Fields Exploited" - the Sydney Morning Herald 25th January 1973
"Natives Forced to Beg" - Melbourne Herald 26th January 1973
"Black Power Warning" - the Daily Telegraph 12th February 1973
"Mancini Huffs and Puffs To No Avail" - Melbourne Sun 16th February 1973
"Breakfast at six to unite the blacks" - Sydney Morning Herald 12th March 1973
"From Today It's 'Blacks'" - the Age 21st March 1973
"City Aborigines 'in fear of the police" - Sydney Morning Herald 14th April 1973
"Aboriginals Political Prisoners" - the Daily Telegraph 23rd April 1973
"Aboriginal Girl's Claim of Illegal Police Raid" - Wagga Advertiser 5th May 1973
Aboriginal Governing Council Planned - Sun 16th May 1973
"Crew to cover seminar" - news canberra 22nd May 1973
"Chicka was born with a cause" - Adelaide Advertiser 26th May 1973
"Girls Quit Ball - "It's Prejudice" says Bonner" - Melbourne Herald 12th June 1973
"Jackson Five Are Number 1" - melbourne Observer 1st July 1973
"Bombs thrown in Darwin riot" - Daily Telegraph 7th July 1973
"Two in court over firebombing incident" - News 11th July 1973
"Not Enough Black" - the Age 12th July 1973
"Aborigines Part of Nation" - Brisbane Telegraph 13th July 1973
"Fiery Land Rights Protest" - Nation Review 13th July 1973
Aboriginal Body Called Apartheid - Sunday Mail 15th July 1973
Apartheid? Never, Says Aboriginal - Sun 17th July 1973
"Black Power the Problem" - the Courier Mail 24th July 1973
"Aboriginals 'invade' barracks" - Australian 1st August 1973
"New Plan to Set Up Embassy" - Examiner 4th August 1973
"Blacks Ask For Union Support" - Age 28th August 1973
"Unions 'Ignore Native Workers" - Sun 28th August 1973
A Parliament for Blacks - Age 12th September 1973
"Aboriginal Woman in Clash with Lib Senator" - Darwin News 2nd October 1973
"Black White Inquiry Clash" - the Courier Mail 2nd October 1973
Aborigines to elect own national body - Canberra Times 5th October 1973
"Angry claims by Aboriginals" - Courier Mail 19th October 1973
"Whitlam has Black Power Shambles" - Courier Mail 20th October 1973
"Embarrassing Reutrn to Parliament's Steps" - Adelaide Advertiser 20th October 1973
"The tents go up again" - Age 23rd October 1973
40,000 listed on Aboriginal roll - Canberra Times 23rd October 1973
"Aboriginal Money 'Misued'" - West Australian 24th October 1973
"Aborigines Plan New 'Embassy'" - Adelaide Advertiser 25th October 1973
"Only one way out - 'Fight!'" - Adelaide News 25th October 1973
"Blacks Want Political Power" - the Courier Mail 1st November 1973
"Plans Speeding Up for Aboriginal Parliament" - Sun 3rd November 1973
41 Delegates at $6000 - Courier Mail 6th November 1973
Aboriginal Body Gaining Support - News 7th November 1973
For Aborigines, By Aborigines - Telegraph 19th November 1973
Black Australia Votes - Sun 21st November 1973
Government Accused of Apartheid - Canberra Times 22nd November 1973
The Aborigines Voice - Advertiser 23rd November 1973
Aborigines Get a Foot in Canberra's Door - Sydney Morning Herald 24th November 1973
Whites Attacked in Black Power Protest - Brisbane Telegraph 24th November 1973
History in Black and White - the Australian - 1st December 1973
Govt 'Propaganda' - News 3rd December 1973
Sorting the Future - Courier Mail 7th December 1973
NACC Elections - Poll to be declared on Thursday - Canberra Times 11th December 1973
'Proud Man' in Big Step - Advertiser 12th December 1973
Pay Us $20,000: Aborigines - Age 14th December 1973
$12,000 Pay Demand Not On: Black - Age 18th December 1973
Black Voices - Sydney Morning Herald 19th December 1973
NT Black Schools All Bad: Teacher - the Age 27th December 1973
Seeing That Justice is Done - the Sydney Morning Herald 27th December 1973
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