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"Blacks to tell China" - Age 17th January 1974
"Blacks Off to China" - Daily Telegraph 17th January 1974
"Aborigines Visiting China" - West Australian 17th January 1974
"Black Critic Rapped" - Daily Telegraph 18th January 1974
"Blacks 'Have Machine Guns, Bombs'" - Melbourne Sun 23rd January 1974
"No Rejoicing For Aboriginals - Perkins'" - Canberra Times 25th January 1974
Aborigines impressed by China Canberra Times - 28th January 1974
Aborigines in China look at communes Sydney Morning Herald - 28th January 1974
Aborigines find hope in China Melbourne Herald Sun - 28th January 1974
"I'll Hate Policemen Always - Perkins'" - Sydney Morning Herald 1st February 1974
"Perkins Says He 'Hates Policemen'" - Canberra Times 1st February 1974
NACC Walkout Threat Over Facilities - West Australian 5th February 1974
Aborigines Seek Fund Takeover - Age 6th February 1974
Aborigines Want Say Over Funds - Advertiser 6th February 1974
"Aboriginal Affairs" - Editorial - Canberra Times 7th February 1974
"Work Lures Aborigines"Canberra Times 8th February 1974
Black Power and the Purse - Age 8th February 1974
Attack Feared on Perkins' Job - News 8th February 1974
Aborigines Call on Cavanagh to Quit - Sydney Morning Herald 9th February 1974
Black Aide Plan to End Strife - Telegraph 9th February 1974
Aborigines in Power Fight - Cavanagh - News 11th February 1974
Black Congressmen 'off the payroll' - Australian 11th February 1974
Cavanagh hits at Aboriginal Council - Examiner 11th February 1974
Aboriginal Congress "Used" - Courier Mail 11th February 1974
'Bring Bryant Back'- say Aborigines - Geelong Advertiser 11th February 1974
'No Black Power' - Cavanagh - Adelaide News 11th february 1974
Aboriginals 'In Power Fight' - Sun 11th February 1974
Aborigines go 'bush' in China - age 12th February 1974
Minister Blasted on Aborigines - Adelaide Advertiser 12 February 1974
Cavanagh Must Go Says Black Council - Australian 12th February 1974
Cavanagh To Meet NACC Members- Canberra Times 12th February 1974
'Black Parlt' in Peace Talks with Minister - Examiner 12th February 1974
'An active role or we resign' - News 12th February 1974
Cavanagh to meet Aborigine leaders - Geelong Advertiser 12th February 1974
Aborigines go "bush" in China - Age - 12th February 1974
Backdown in dispute - Mercury 13th February 1974
Blacks give in to Govt - Age 13th February 1974
Cavanagh has win in dispute - Courier Mail 13th February 1974
Cavanagh faces an uneasy truce - Sydney Morning Herald 13th February 1974
'We want Cavanagh out': Bennell - News 14th February 1974
Sack Cavanagh, say Aboriginals - Sun 15th February 1974
Aborigines may seek cash from Peking Age - 18th February 1974
SA man to lead Aboriginal Body - Adelaide Advertiser 19th February 1974
"I'm Ready to Quit": Dept. Boss - Herald 23rd February 1974
Official storms from talks - Advertiser 23rd February 1974
Another Gibe By an Aboriginal - Brisbane Telegraph 22nd February 1974
Dept. Head - offer to resign - Brisbane Telegraph 23rd February 1974
Take Off the Gag - Melbourne Observer 24th February 1974
"Cavanagh Backs Dexter in Row With Blacks" - Australian 25th February 1974
"Questions For Cavanagh Over Perkins Future" - Australian 26th February 1974
"Filling the Angry Silence" - Australian 26th February 1974
"Leave Perkins Alone - PM" - Melbourne Sun 26th February 1974
Perkins Decision postponed Age - 26th February 1974
Public Servants Held at Gunpoint Melbourne Age - 1st March 1974
The Black Cauldron Boils Over Melbourne Age - 1st March 1974
Staff Talk Strike Over Perkins Melbourne Sun - 1st March 1974
Pistol Sequel: Aborigine in Court - Hobart Mercury 2nd February 1974
Black Gets Bond on Gun Charge Melbourne Age - 2nd March 1974
Black gets bond on gun charge Sydney Morning Herald - 2nd March 1974
"Man Who Carried Gun Free on Bond" - Canberra Times 2nd March 1974
"Suspension on Perkins Could be Off Today" - Canberra Times 2nd March 1974
"Dexter Scraps Charges" - Canberra Times 5th March 1974
Govt Faces Grilling Over Gun Melbourne Age - 7th March 1974
MP's in an uproar over Black Seige Melbourne Age - 8nd March 1974
Bryant in a Row on Black Cash Melbourne Age - 8nd March 1974
Aborinals Affairs letters -Melbourne Age - 11th March 1974
Eartha Kitt Backs Aborigines Melbourne Age - 18th March 1974
Aboriginal : no racism in China Sydney Morning Herald - 18th March 1974
Tough Old Man of the Left Age - 18th March 1974
"Blacks Demand Control of $9m Fund" - the Austrlain 21st March 1974
Cavanagh Near New Showdown - Courier Mail 22nd March 1974
"Cavanagh Relents" - Burnie Advocate 24th March 1974
"Eartha Kitt Meets NACC'" - Canberra Times 26th March 1974
"'Aboriginal Leaders Seek More Control" - Melbourne Sun 27th March 1974
Apartheid? - Courier Mail 28th March 1974
Native Poll Cost $350,000 - Herald 28th March February 1974
Aborigines Seek Wide Power - Herald 28th March February 1974
"Minister Agrees to Constitution'" - Canberra Times 28th March 1974
Govt to Reveiw NACC Pay - Courier Mail 28th March 1974
$844,000 for Aboriginal 'Mini-PS' - Canberra News 28th March 1974
"Showdown Expected" - Burnie Advocate 30th March 1974
"NACC at Odds With Canberra" - West Australian 30th March 1974
Govt to Reveiw NACC Pay - Courier Mail 28th March 1974
Aboriginal Council Looks at Its Power - Sun 28th March 1974
Perkins and the AboriginesBob Santamaria - News Weekly 28th March 1974
"Cavanagh Asked to Retract His Comment" - Canberra Times 30th March 1974
"NACC Will Not Alter its Constitution" - Canberra Times 30th March 1974
"Blacks Defy Cavanagh" - Age - 30th March 1974
Cooling Down - Herald Sun 31st March February 1974
New Showdown Likely on Black Powers and Tent HQ - Sunday Press 31st March February 1974
"A Bold Black Experiment" - Melbourne Herald 1st April 1974
"Cavanagh and NACC in Agreement on Constitution" - Canberra Times 2nd April 1974
Blacks Review Charter Melbourne Age - 2nd April 1974
"Govt Plans Law on Land Rights For Aborigines" - Adelaide News 15th June 1974
"Museum Asked to Return Skeletons" - Canberra Times 3rd July 1974
"'Farcical...." - Australian 5th July 1974
"End Immigration of Coloureds: Perkins" - Canberra Times 11th July 1974
"Perkins: Keep Coloureds Out" - the West Australian 11th July 1974
"'Unjust for blacks' - Poll" - Courier Mail 12th July 1974
"Black Control Motion Given White Backing" - Age - 17th July 1974
"You Are Racists: Visitor" - Independant - 21st July 1974
"An Angry Young Man Fights for a Nation" - Age - 25th July 1974
"Extradition case delayed by a dog" - Australian 10th October 1974
"No Cash Until Tent Goes - Cavanagh warns Aborigines" - Sydney Morning Herald 6th November 1974
"Truce in row over black legal service" - Age12th November 1974
"Service Funds to Continue" - Canberra Times12th November 1974
"Blacks have a victory" - Sun12th November 1974
"Perkins Given 'Special Duties'" - Canberra Times 5th December 1974
"Dexter Puts Perkins on Special Duty" - the Age 5th December 1974
"Protest Backs Walker" - Brisbane Telegraph 18th December 1974
"Kath Poetic in Hijack" - Brisbane Telegraph26th November 1974
"Demonstrators At Redfern Hearing" - Sydney Morning Herald19th December 1974
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