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"Blacks 'reject west'" - Herald 15th January 1975
"Long Wait on Police Claims" - Canberra Times 17th January 1975
"Mr Perkins to Lay Racism Charge" - Canberra Times 21st January 1975
"Gurindji Struggle Threatened by Bureaucracy" - Tribune 21st January 1975
"Rock Star Turns to Film-making" - Canberra Times 29th January 1975
"Aborigines at Park Called Black Scum" - Canberra Times 1st February 1975
"WA Police Brutality Against Blacks Alleged" - Tribune 4th February 1975
"Repressive Aboriginal Policies Alleged" - Canberra Times 13th February 1975
"Danger Seen in Handouts" - Canberra Times 1st March 1975
"Walkout at Talks on Race Relations" - Canberra Times 3rd March 1975
"Witness Calls for ASIO Dossier" - Canberra Times 6th March 1975
"The Coomds Commission" - Canberra Times 7th March 1975
"Church Breakthrough" - Sydney Morning Herald 12th March 1975
"United We Stand - Interveiw with the BLF's Joe Owens" - Tharunka 12th March 1975
"Aborigines First" - Brisbane Telegraph 12th March 1975
"A plea to let her rest in peace" - Herald 13th March 1975
"A Black History" - Honi Soit 17th March 1975
"Our First Aboriginal Priest" - Catholic Advocate 20th March1975
"Royal Commission into WA Incidents" - Canberra Times 28th March 1975
"Queensland Laws vs Aborigina Rights" - Tharunka 16th April 1975
"Aboriginal to become priest" Sydney Morning Herald - 16th April 1975
"What Really Happened at Skull Creek" - Canberra Times 4th April 1975
"Aborigines 'Face Discrimination from Landlords'" - Canberra Times 12th April 1975
"Miss Goolagong Remembers" - Canberra Times 3rd May 1975
"Aboriginal body complains - Cops 'trying to bust' the Legal Service" - Sydney Morning Herald 8th May 1975
"Blacks Harrassed by Redfern Police" - Tribune 13th May1975
"Cavanagh Attacks Perkins" - Canberra Times 16th May1975
"First Aboriginal Priest Ordained" - Geelong Advertiser 19th May1975
"Cavanagh Attacks Policy Critics" - Canberra Times 19th May1975
"What a Wasted Walkabout'" - Age 19th May1975
"Is Mr Perkins To Resign?" - Courier Mail 22nd May1975
"Walker plans to take rifle to court" - Australian 10th June 1975
"Denis Walker on trial" - Farrago 1st August 1975
"Mundine Bomb Theory" - Daily Telegraph 23rd August 1975
"First Aboriginal at the Bar" - the Sun 6th February 1976
"Smiles and Kisses for First Aboriginal Barrister" - Sydney Morning Herald 7th February 1976
"Pat Finds a New Arena for Her Fights" - Daily Telegraph 7th February 1976
"Patricia is the First" - Courier Mail 7th February 1976
"Aboriginal Barrister Sworn In" - Canberra Times 7th February 1976
"Protected" - Tribune 18th February 1976
"NACC Review Body Named" - Canberra Times 10th April 1976
"Blacks Cash In on Sex Racket" - Melbourne Sunday Observer 2nd March 1976
"NACC Meeting: Aborigines Leave Before Minister" - Canberra Times 6th March 1976
"Forced Steralisation Alleged by Women" - Canberra Times 9th March 1976
"'Political Jailing' of Aborigines" - Canberra Times 11th March 1976
"Aboriginal is Minister's Secretary" - Canberra Times 12th March 1976
"NACC 'Staff Withheld'" - Canberra Times 13th March 1976
"Destiny Strikes at Discrimination" - Age 16th March 1976
"Blacks Issue Writ" - Tribune 17th March 1976
"Former Minister Says Australians Racist" - Canberra Times 18th March 1976
"Man Tells of Valium" - Canberra Times 1st May 1976
"Crusade for a Queen" - Age 2nd May 1976
"Aurukun Blacks Hold Fast" - Tribune 19th May 1976
"Aboriginal Tenor Harold Blair Dies" - Canberra Times 22nd May 1976
"Budget Backlash" - Tribune 26th May 1976
"Drunken Welfare Workers 'embarrass' Aborigines" - Canberra Times 3rd July 1976
"She Says the Black Man Can't Win" - Courier Mail 10th July 1976
"Anger, Shock at $33m Cut" - Tribune 18th August 1976
"A Relish For Kicking The Underdog" - Tribune 1st September 1976
"Legal Fight Over Valuable Bark Paintings" - Canberra Times 18th September 1976
"Plea from a grave" - Age 9th October 1976
"Aboriginal Lawyer in Practice" - Centralian Advocate 28th October 1976
"NACC Criticises Hiatt Report" - Canberra Times 11th November 1976
"Aboriginal Radio Plan for Outback" - Canberra Times 1st December 1976
"Aborigines Propose Trade Plan" - Age 13th January 1977
"Aborigines in a Row Over Trade Plans" - Age 18th January 1977
"3 Aboriginal Groups Seek Embassy Control" - Canberra Times 21st January 1977
"Squabble Over Aboriginal Post" - Age 22nd January 1977
"Aboriginal Trade Details Sought" - Canberra Times 28th January 1977
"Aborigines Land Fight Like The Deep South" - Age 9th March 1977
"Racial Discrimination Seen in Townsville" - Canberra Times 15th march 1977
"Report Criticises Dexter, Bryant" - Canberra Times 25th March 1977
"Speak Up at UN, Blacks Told" - Age 11th April 1977
"Aboriginal Graduate to Combat 'Apathy'" - Age 18th April 1977
"Aborigine harassed at CRA meeting" - Age 27th April 1977
"Archeologists Uncover Aboriginal Life: Houses With Porches, Ovens Found" - Canberra Times 13th June 1977
"Censors re-route Backroads Signal" - Age 1st July 1977
"Nine Writs Issued After Aborigines Allegedly Barred" - Canberra Times 9th July 1977
"Aboriginal History Revised" - Canberra Times 30th July 1977
"Aborigines Face Leprosy Threat" - Canberra Times 2nd September 1977
"Aborigines Lose Their 'Father'" - Age 22nd September 1977
"Aborigines working for half the dole rate" - Age 3rd October 1977
"Two Resign From Black Study" - Age 13th October 1977
"Promotion for Perkins" - Canberra Times 31st December 1977
Grant for Aboriginal Service - the Canberra Times 22nd February 1978
Aborigines at Papunya to Run Their Own Health Service - the Canberra Times 22nd February 1978
Aboriginal Claims Melbourne - the Canberra Times 1st April 1978
Black Australia by Bobbi Sykes - the Filmnews 1st April 1978
Ningla-Ana: Hungry For Land - the Filmnews 1st April 1978
Aboriginal Bill Rushed Through - the Canberra Times 6th April 1978
Aboriginal Author Optimistic - the Canberra Times 15th March 1978
Aboriginal Health Groups Protest - the Canberra Times 8th June 1978
The Lost Children of Sydney - the Australian Womens Weekly 19th July 1978
Film Review: The Shout - the Australian Womens Weekly 27th September 1978
Aboriginal, Indian Problems Similar - the Canberra Times 8th October 1978
Aboriginal Numbers Up Sharply - the Canberra Times 21st December 1978
Queensland Aboriginal Councils Launched - the Canberra Times 9th April 1979
Talks on Aboriginal Treaty - the Canberra Times 6th September 1979
Aboriginal Health - Ruddock Report - the Canberra Times 21st march 1979
Abroiginal Rights - Woroni 21st August 1979
Aboriginal Health Review - the Canberra Times 24th November 1979
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